CAC’s Summer 2019 Interns

Photo of CAC’s Summer 2019 Interns (from left to right: Madison Needham, Alexandra Butler, Josh Feinzig, Daniel Polonsky).

Oversight Tools

I designed this graphic to complement CAC’s existing work about the historical and legal precedent for congressional oversight.

Pride Month: Love is LOVE

I produced this graphic as part of CAC’s social media messaging for LGBTQ Pride Month. It was shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Ari Melber and Kristen Clarke

Photographed at the Constitutional Accountability Center’s Sixth Annual Home Stretch at the Supreme Court event. More photos from the event available here.

CAC Celebrates Women’s History Month

I wrote and produced this video commemorating Women’s History Month for the Constitutional Accountability Center. It was shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. To read the script, click here.


I proposed the idea for our recently-launched “Fauxriginalism” social media campaign after a colleague coined the word while addressing the audience at the 2018 Lavender Law Legal Conference. I approached my team with the idea of creating a concrete definition to shine a light on legal scholars who claim that they practice constitutional originalism—a legal philosophy […]

The Text and History of the Foreign Emoluments Clause

I designed this explanatory document as an additional resource on CAC’s case page for Blumenthal, et al. v. Trump, the organization’s lawsuit on behalf of more than 200 Members of Congress to hold President Donald Trump accountable for his violations of the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause. Read here: