Women in Science

I created this website for a project in my second Interactive Web Design class. The purpose of the assignment was to build a responsive website on one of two given topics (Women in Science and Field to Glass) using Twitter Bootstrap 3. For each topic, we were given files and a planning report to follow.

JMU – Web Writing Assignment: Wired.com

For my Writing for New Media class, we had to adapt an essay we had previously written to mimic the style of an online news site of our choice. I adapted my essay about news in the age of instantaneous information to Wired.com’s format.

“Faces of JMU” – Interview with Dr. Kevin Borg

I worked with a partner to film and produce this interview with JMU History Professor Dr. Kevin Borg as part of a HD Video Production class project. The purpose of the assignment was to “plan, shoot, and edit an interview using a documentary style.”