TRAFFIC Relief Act Floor Chart

While working at the Senate Democratic Media Center (SDMC), I designed this floor chart about the TRAFFIC Relief Act for Senator Tom Carper.

Senator Dick Durbin

Assistant Democratic Leader Dick Durbin addresses audience at the Rally for Children. More photos from the event available here.

Senator Jeff Merkley

Senator Jeff Merkley speaking to audience at Rally for Children. More photos from the event available here.

Senators Laughing at the Fair Chance Act Press Conference

A candid moment at the Fair Chance Act press conference in which Senator Booker uses the word ‘trump’ (not as a reference to Donald Trump) and the press in the Radio/TV Gallery erupts in hearty laughter. More photos from the event here.

Members of Congress Introduce the Fair Chance Act

Members of Congress, led by U.S. Sen. Cory Booker in the Senate and Congressman Elijah Cummings in the House of Representatives, introduce the Fair Chance Act. More photos from the event here.

JMU – Wildlife Center of Virginia: Video Group Documentation Report

For a Converged Media Lab practicum project with the Wildlife Center of Virginia (WCV), I was the project manager of the Video Team and one of my duties was to put together a documentation report. We submitted a copy of this report to WCV upon completion of the video project.

The Runaways

For my first Converged Media Lab project, I designed a Bootstrap website about one of my favorite bands, The Runaways.

Writing for New Media Video Project: Mission Madison – IDS PSA

For our final project, our whole class collaborated, creating a WordPress website about our views on social media and technology. Titled Mission Madison, we set out to conduct interviews, social experiments, and bring the results back to class. My group was in charge of the website and the introductory video component. We decided that for the […]